The Company

We are artisans of experiences that promote creativity and fun


In TOMBS CREATIUS we create games and we are passionate about creating new games. That’s why we put all our energy into the creation process of a new game, from the initial ideal until we take it to the streets.

TOMBS CREATIUS’ games have very diverse origins. They emerge from another game’s mechanism, from a new idea, we give an old game a new slant, or we put into practice ideas contributed by participants in our fairs.

From the idea to the street

Our work process

We sketch out original ideas

First, we come up with the idea for the game, and then we draw it. The tests are done on paper so as not to waste wood, a natural resource which should be used constructively and rationally.

We create unique handcrafted mechanisms

When we begin to build a game, we bear in mind that the game’s mechanism must be easy to understand for absolutely everyone; that the game must be attractive and easily integrated within the other games, both in form and colour; that it must be safe and resistant;

We propose stimulating challenges

Also, when we build a game, we are motivated by the idea that the participant can play the same game over and over again. The game should be a fun challenge which motivates the participant to play again.

And we take them to the streets!

The game is ready to hit the streets! Now we just need to see if it lives up to the expectations for entertainment. If we see that the participants’ interaction with the game is not ideal, we re-work the game or its mechanism so it does work.

Places we have been

We love being outdoors and world touring

Towns, cities, festivals… During all these years, we have consolidated
our artistic proposals in different events.
These are some of the places where we have been.
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