The Trip

A trip to the limit

This fair stall invites the lonely spectator to make a “sidereal trip”. A trip which takes the spectator to the limit, until the real border or… who
knows? Maybe the unique border, the one which separates life from death.

Have a nice trip! Enjoy it.

On the street!

Where we have been?

  • 2016 Fira Titelles, Lleida
  • 2016 La Fêtes des Solidarités, Namur Bélgica
  • 2016 Llawn 03 FestivaL Llandudno, Gales
  • 2015 Fira Titelles (Lleida)
  • 2015 Festival Imaginaria (Binefar)
  • 2015 El Festivalet (Seva)
  • 2015 Festival MAC Festes de la Merçe (BCN)