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  • Xics del Xurrac

    … The construction of incredible human towers, called Castells, is a rooted and popular tradition in Catalonia…

    TOMBS CREATIUS have created their own colla castellera (human towers building group)… “Xics del Xurrac” is the first human towers building group born in a carpenter’s workshop. We need an audience like you to join our group, who feels like being the protagonist and the life of our human towers builders. An audience to share our principles: courage, sense, balance, strength… Our group is made of wood and you will find it at your town or city square. You are invited to play and become one of ours “xurracs”.

    Do you make up your mind to play and build human towers? See you at the square!

    A coproduction of:   firamediterrania
    With the support of:   gencat

    TECHNICAL FILE. We need a flat surface of about 300 m2. Direct access should be provided for the van to the set up area. Set up time: 1 hour | Dismantling time: 1 hour
    ARTISTIC FILE. Idea and authorship: Toni Tomàs. Artistic accompaniment: Carles Pijuan. Construction: Joan Domingo ,Diego Xavier Caicedo, Toni Tomàs . Production: Tombs Creatius
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    Tombs Creatius · Avinguda del Bosc, Nau 4 Bellpuig. T: (+34) 629 805 006 · (+34) 973 337 009 · info@tombscreatius.com