The road travelled

The history that has brought us to here

Tombs Creatius was born in 1998. After forming part of the La Baldufa company of comedians, Tombs gives rise to a different language, related to the game and to education, changing the venue of the stage for the venue of the street. After a year of experimentation and the organization of workshops and school activities, Tombs Creatius, with Toni Tomás as mastermind, focused on the more playful part of the company, discovering an entire world of artisanal games responding to a restlessness he has had since he was little, and taking them to streets and squares: inventing new forms of playing. Discovering the facilities of Guixot 8 created by Joan Rovira in a square of Lleida was like opening a book with the pages in blank for writing his own story. Nothing was written and everything was to explore. Starting from there, the heart of Tombs Creatius arose, its own language that is expressed in the street through games. And it is built with the collaboration of a lot of people who have been materializing, throughout the history of the company, everything that sprang from Toni’s mind.

We took the first step on the road with the first collection, the Fair of Curiosities, in 1999. Then The Muleteer of Games arrived in 2004 and he brought under his arm one of the big milestones of the company: the 2008 assignment for the International Festival of the Arts of Costa Rica (IFA) of building in situ a proposal of games set in the local fauna and decorated by artists from the country. These games were on tour in Costa Rica for three years.

Meanwhile, in the Bellpuig workshop, the imagination was already flying and new proposals were born and new expressive languages incorporated. Carles Porta contributed a bonus to the proposals made until then opening the doors to dreamy universes and the artistic talent of the illustrator. In Monster Colours, the wooden games became sculptures that are expressed, explained with a different aesthetic language. Art combined with the crafting of wood opened the way to an imaginary universe that at the same time as playing, makes one dream. It only lacked the incorporation of engines and electronic mechanisms, by deed of Sergio Sisquer, to materialize all the creativity that boiled in the workshop. So was born, in the year 2013,’The Strange Journey of Mr. Tonet‘.

The following collection of games, was not satisfied with playing and wanting to be. It became the first troop of human towers born in a carpentry. The Xics del Xurrac are a symbolic game, but they are also values, they are castles, they are the will to be part of this patrimony.

The restlessness of the company has also been exploring other different avenues for games. Happenings, emotional experiences interest us because we want to make hearts beat and to do it, we created the Puck Cinema Caravan, the smallest cinema in the world, together with Carles Porta. In 2017 he won the Pomo d’Or Prize, public recognition for the best show, in the VII Festival Sense portes of the Argentona Arts in the Street. Touring around the world, opening eyes wide in festivals where we were invited, knowing interesting people, experiencing imaginative proposals that shake our soul, in the Buskers Bern Festival (Switzerland) the spark was lit to create The Journey, an individual and unique experience, served in a fair caravan to travel a road that is done only once in a lifetime.

As much we have celebrated 20 years, the mind and heart of Tombs Creatius do not stop creating. We always find new worlds to explore. We will never tire of letting our imagination play freely in the squares inventing new forms of having a good time, of feeling, of leaving an emotional print in our memory. We are children and we are always aware of it.