A journey full of experiences that invites the audience to be the protagonist

Secrets are exciting. They are whispered to our ears, they are discovered through a keyhole, or sometimes, they are revealed when unlocking a box. The heart always beats faster when you are about to know a secret. It may be the ending of a story or the solution of a hidden enigma.

What if the secret was the answer to and eternal question? No one knows if finding it out will take us up to a different ending.
What if the ending was actually the beginning?
And what if we have been keeping the secret inside ourselves all the time?
Maybe, we have had the answers from the beginning and what we needed was to walk the path that takes us right to the setting off. The key lies on participating, and enjoying the game posed by the whole journey and its hidden treasures, its riddles to solve, the questions to be answered, and the answers to be questioned.

No one has a better key than our own curious and playful spirit that has to be let go in this unprecedented and exciting proposal. The great secret can only be unraveled by playing and risking changing the story at every step.
Maybe by experiencing it, we can also contribute to change someone else’s experience.

Anyway, all that are Secrets.

Where we have been?